mercredi 27 avril 2011


The film is now edited.
First screening: 15th of october, 5PM, le Cinématographe, Nantes.

dimanche 6 février 2011


In 1983, a band of hippies descends on Ardéche, abandoning Paris and materialism for an alternative lifestyle. They live in the moment, seeking pleasure, friendship and most of all a utopian lifestyle unbridled by the constraints of society. Their journey to utopia revolves around a film they produce, Treasures from Rutabagas. What is meant to be a 30-year escapade is left unfinished and the former clan bears little resemblance to their utopian beginnings. Coming up on the 30th anniversary, director Lisa Diaz, daughter of commune members, inherits the rushes from her father, the one-time filmmaker. She refuses to believe the utopia is unattainable. This is her journey through the gates of time. Driven by a pressing desire to see this generation finish something, she puts her father back in the director’s chair and struggles to orchestrate the end of this quest.  


You can see the last trailer of the project here.
And soon there will be a film!

Diary of my film

I wrote a diary while I was preparing the documentary, that means from 2009... It was published in "Désir Manifeste" a beautiful publication about the desire as the main motor for creation.
You can find it here: Désir manifeste

Le trésor des rutas baggos: photos from 83.

Pitch in Barcelona

The project was selected in DocsBarcelona for a pitching session.

70's in Ardèche

Photos from Noël Sissini, a character of the film...